1701 · A STAR TREK Series

The Launch of the Enterprise…
The Doctor APRIL & Yeoman COLT era.  A Fry / Day vehicle

A proposed series following the novels Final Frontier & The Final Reflection

‘Seventeen-oh-one’ is set in the Prime Timeline and explores the franchise’s ‘history’ from 2238-2248, as mentioned in books, video games, and other media. The initial three-part arc of IDEALS, IMPERATIVES, and INSIGNIA takes place before The Original Series, and prior to The Cage. The stories aren’t about a bridge crew, but rather the Starship project and Dr. April, Colt, and the A-Listers they encounter.

The idea is for Stephen & Felicia to co-produce 1701 under an established TV showrunner.

It is logical that Star Trek will return to television someday.The hope is for broadcast on CBS, prime-time, via syndication; for television *and* internet audiences, to coincide with Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

If the 1701 concept appeals to you, your support is requestedThank you! (@danmalo)

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PITCH1701.pdf · IDEALS (Pilot) · future episodes