I’ve done this by myself so far…

Goal one: to work with other people.
Goal two: CBS, Prime-time, via syndication.
Goal three: fulfillment of the casting wish-list.
Goal four: Kubrick & Shakespeare-like television.

If Fry/Day doesn’t work as Star Trek, maybe it’s a brilliant combo for something else.

I’m certain that the next series will be April-centric.
I believe that Fry/Day would be great for Star Trek.

That suggested pair alone separates 1701 from the hundreds of Star Trek series pitches in existence. My vision is secondary to what they could bring to the project as actor/ producers.

Your help is about the only thing that could make it possible. 

All I’m asking for: at minimum: a reader (and please follow us on Facebook and Twitter).

Admittedly, I’m a rookie screenwriter. I’m new to fiction writing. My IMDb isn’t impressive. Star Trek Captaincy is like winning the lottery. It might be easier to win the Presidency. Especially if you’ve got no prior credits. Especially pitches intended for CBS, which have to face the scrutiny of the Star Trek community. It’s ambitious and I respect anyone who tries. This project has taken me countless re-writes. There will be trolls. Self-doubt. Similar pitches. Sleepless, manic nights…years spent on what may be a sandcastle.  I’d like to build this with other people (I *know* I need an editor).

I’ve seen some things. I’ve lived in a few places. I’ve worked some interesting jobs. At heart, I’m an urban planner, who dabbles as an essayist. I’d be happy retrofitting intersections or designing parks. However, these stories nag at me. My Interdisciplinary Social Sciences degree made me aware of many interesting situations to broach through intertextual allegory and allusion. Please consider this a sample of what I can do, for better or worse. Besides telling stories and/or editing them, I hope to eventually produce and direct my vision (starting my apprenticeship in post-production).

It would be perfect to hear: “What else do you got?” (HERE)