Dan Malo’s other projects besides 1701

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I’m new to fiction. I don’t have any credits. I’ve been developing the ideas below, now that I don’t have to write academic essays. Of those, a few were published, ranging from linguistics [Irish Language Revival Through Melodrama] to sub-Saharan land issues [The Diamond Deal: ZANU-PF & DeBeers].

Global Site Plans writing fellowship about ‘Quiet Corner [CT] Planning Issues’ 

An Original science-fiction drama:

The Pedestal – 2053: The ‘buttons are pushed’ on Earth. Led by trillionaire entrepreneur Rose Raymond, the colonists of a domed pedestal crater on Mars could be the last survivors of the human race.

It’s kind of like Jericho, but in a Cold-War setting, with the isolation taking place on another planet. The series explores the themes of Mars in cinema and conspiracy. The Pedestal is also a discussion of the title’s connotative meanings. The lead was written for Lili Taylor.

The half-hour comedies:

Dems – Partisans/politicos canvassing/campaigning in rural ‘Quiet Corner’ Connecticut.

Ice Complex – A Zamboni driver/outsider fitting in at an Ice Rink in Northern Alabama.

Non-Traditional Student – My shitty time as an adult student at a ‘College Basketball Team’.

Though none of my other projects have yet to receive the 1701 treatment, each of these have teleplays in varying degrees of completion. Their seasons are outlined, and hundreds of scenarios have been established. A goal of mine is to have 2 of the above series ready for the upcoming Slamdance and Script Pipeline competitions.

Additional ideas:

I’ve wanted to make a hundred documentaries. I’m currently finishing my Hurricane Katrina story.

I accomplished some impressive social media campaigns and calls-to-action once-upon-a-time with Free the Leaf. “A Batman of the cannabis movement,” now black sheep hard-liner. All I have to say is that the movement undermines the cause. My observations might make a good stoner story.

Deep down, I’m a land-use planner. I want to design Olmsted parks and reconfigure intersections someday. Everyone should also write, of course. I’m also trying to learn the knuckle-ball and hope to throw a no-hitter, and dominate MLB for a couple seasons (and head off to Mars). You gotta try, right?

I’d love to do a Fallout series or video game. The same with Arcanum & Baldur’s Gate.

Maybe now is the time to properly finish Earth 2.