1701 · Doctor April & Yeoman Colt · A #FryDay Vehicle

Robert April

April’s first appearance was in The Counter-Clock Incident (1974), from Star Trek: The Animated Series. He’s been a feature of a few Star Trek novels, most importantly, Final Frontier. The character has not appeared in live-action.

A polymath, planetary anthropologist, renown for his series of Old Culture frontier studies on the USS Tiberius. April’s popular chronicle of the Tiberius missions guided the creation of the Constitution-class Starships, which he considers ‘a technical leap for exploration and discovery’.

 “A colorfully complex personality, he is capable of action and decision which can verge on the heroic – and at the same time lives a continual battle with self-doubt and the loneliness of command.”

A pacifist by nature, he worries about the proliferation of the Constitution-class ships for aggressive purposes. He has lived in Detroit since his *fallout* with Starfleet brass in London. He articulates himself through euphemism, recollection, and wit. He considers this stint ‘more exciting than his last desk-job’.



J. Mia Colt

Colt’s first appearance was in the original unaired Roddenberry pilot, The Cage (1965). She was featured in the Star Trek: Early Voyages comic series. Colt was portrayed in live-action television once, by Laurel Goodwin.

Colt is an astute historian, seeking to understand the mysteries of the universe. The Doctor’s personal assistant; she turned down a commission, a fiancé, and other opportune postings accompany April on the Tiberius, establishing herself as his protégé and equal partner. About to *breakout*.

Tired of the paper-work and tedium of the Starship ‘gig’, she’s been second-guessing her career on a recent semi-furlough. Often ‘plucked’ from a project or daydream by April’s ever-changing whim, she sticks by as his side-kick/scribe, hoping for another historic mission. She’s already packed.

From the town of Astoria, Pacifica, near Portland, she is quiet around new people, but warms up quickly. She can be excitable and expressive when learning and sharing new information. Happier reading about society than being in it, she is never far from her notepad computer.

Stephen Fry as APRIL

Widely known to American and international audiences for his portfolio of work, he bears the APRIL accent and likeness. From his documentaries, Stephen is familiar with many of the themes that are covered in 1701. With a stage & screen background, his range and delivery suit the role.

Felicia Day

Known for her popular web-based serials, her production company has received more than 200 million views in two years. Felicia’s online persona has much in common with COLT. Her mainstream credits have been in Science-Fiction & Fantasy, making her a familiar face to a Star Trek audience.


They’re probably both busy people…
but they make sense as co-producers. 

Fry/Day is the perfect combo.

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If it sounds, pulpy, it’s meant to.
(the franchise needs a chuckle)

(where’s everybody else?)


1701 is not an ‘ensemble drama’

The stories follow APRIL & COLT’s importance in the franchise mythos, their observations, and their interactions with Big Name Special Guests. Everyone’s heard of April, and they either love him or hate him. He knows almost everybody, and Colt gets to meet everybody.

More than 20 million fans between #FryDay. Quality Star TrekBring in the A-Lister…

With occasional standalone episodes. Stories important to the/their timeline.  

April episodes. Colt episodes. Janeway episodes (what?). Occasionally, there will be stories without Colt or April. 1701 has been organized for scheduling convenience and series evolution. It’s a big universe.


1701 will be Captain Kirk’s Enterprise in twenty in-series years.

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